The rise of the third workplace

With the arrival of a global pandemic last year, work life was changed forever. Now, most of us call our home the new office. With some employees slowly heading back to their original workplace, there’s a third option making its move.

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In the rise of employers offering hybrid working structures, a new phenomenon has popped up: third workplaces. Coffee shops, libraries and even your best friend’s living room could soon form part of the new way of working. 

The days of dreaming of working anywhere are now reality, whether it's an instagrammable location or your favourite local coffee shop, with an uprising of co-working spaces taking over cities globally. The Global Coworking Growth Study 2020 projected that co-working spaces were set to triple in the next four years, and it looks like it’s well on its way to fulfilling the quota.  

 Co-working spaces have WeWork, the controversial co-working space that suffered a fall from grace during the pandemic, is offering remote workers ‘space per hour’ and is planning to open more locations. 

 Hotels are even getting in on the action, as well as restaurants, potentially leading the way to financial recovery and a new lease of life after the devastation wreaked on businesses during the pandemic. 

 In the UK, online platform Flown, has become the ‘Airbnb’ of remote working, matching workers with properties to offer them the perfect place to create, along with tools to help promote “deep work” rituals: a state of undistracted concentration that pushes us to our most productive. 

With now so much choice, could this put pressure on those companies still clinging to the traditional office environment? Watch this space. Or rent it. 


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