The secrets to line manager communication

On the 24th June, we were joined by our friends from across the pond, Geri Rhoades and Brian Callihan, to learn about key line manager competencies and our new 2-minute Communicator training.

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2-Minute Communicator’s President Geri Rhoades and fellow President of Dow Engineering, Brian Callihan, joined forces once again after their session at simplyIC to further inform us on our global results on line management communication and the 10 key competencies that need to be looked at.

With only 28% of us believing that our managers are good communicators, it seems like this initiative has come just in time. 

In the 90-minute session, Geri presented full details of the research, conducted in collaboration with us, along with exclusive videos from her 2-minute Communicator training.

Why Geri created the 2-minute Communicator 

"I've spent decades travelling the world teaching managers how to communicate in live sessions. I'd deliver the training and we'd have breakthroughs which was fantastic, and for a couple of days the managers would keep top of mind what they learned, but within a week about 90% of it would be forgotten and they'd revert back to what they used to do. What they really needed was continuous support for this skill – it's not like learning a math formula where they can memorise it and then be able to do it. Communication takes practice and support and I knew that there had to be a better way to support these managers, and that's where this concept came in.

It used to be the 15 minute communicator, but as the years went on, 15 minutes became too long. We tried one minute, but two was the sweet spot. So, we revamped the whole product line a couple of years ago and now it's the 2-Minute Communicator."

The key learnings from the session

  • Geri used her knowledge of various competency models, to design her own group of 10 key competencies. Academic research had highlighted 24, based on responses from HR and business leaders – Geri chose the most important ones so as to not overwhelm managers
  • The 2-Minute Communicator survey focused on one criteria: that the respondents managed people as part of their role and would self-assess their capabilities, based on 20 questions
  • Managers received a personalised report, split into four sections: strengths, outstanding, knowledgeable and developing
  • The research spanned 21 countries, with the majority in North America and the UK, and across 26 industries, mainly the service industry, HR and communications
  • Facilitating change was the highest scoring competency, and managing conflict was the lowest performing. None of the competencies met the 'outstanding' level, which proves why this research and training programme is so important for communicators
  • Managers from the UK and the Far East scored higher on enabling diversity and inclusion, but scored 17% lower on managing conflict, compared to the US

If you want to know more, we've made the full session recording available here.

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