Yammer kicks off 2021 with new features and experiences

As we start our second year in lockdown, the latest round of Yammer updates are sure to keep us well-equipped for remote working.

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Scheduled to continue over the coming months, further updates planned include improvements to the user experience on mobile devices and additional insights for conversations and events.

Here's a look at the latest features announced by Microsoft.

Share to Yammer from SharePoint

The integration on platforms such as SharePoint is an ideal tool to promote productivity in the digital workplace. 

This update allows you to share posts directly from SharePoint. Content can be turned into posts, questions, polls and praises using the new ‘send to’ dialogue box. 

All of these are great for finding new ways to communicate with your team and keep engagement going in the virtual office. You're now able to add your choice of text and images to the post to ensure it attracts the right attention.

New Yammer Embed

You can now bring Yammer’s styling and functionality to any webpage, including to an intranet homepage.  

This new functionality is a great way to provide employees with a personalised, up to date feed of community conversations when they log in.

Internal communicators everywhere rejoice; this update will be applied automatically to all websites that already have the current version installed. We love a time-saver!

New Yammer tab for Microsoft Teams

It’s now possible to enjoy the new styling and features in Microsoft Teams with the new Yammer tab.

Within Teams channels, a conversations tab is created, where users can post a question, start a discussion or poll and give praise to colleagues. 

Keeping employees engaged by bringing the two together means that there's one less thing to think about, which can only be a good thing.  

Immersive Virtual Event Styling 

With virtual events on the increase, this is a welcome improvement. Yammer viewing experiences have been optimized for a better experience all round. 

The update includes: a side-by-side viewer that allows a conversation panel alongside the main video player, the ability to focus on new conversations whilst keeping older conversations pinned and a new feed that displays conversation threads. 

Hashtags and Topics 

Hashtags and topics are both important tools on a community platform like Yammer, because as we know, a busy feed can be difficult to navigate without a way to filter results. 

Now, it is possible for users to post a hashtag without needing to select a topic to go with it. The hashtag symbol has been removed from topics to ensure the two functions are distinguished. 

Instead, when a hashtag is clicked, a page of community search results on that tag is opened, providing a more efficient way to engage.


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