Zoom In, Zone Out: only 20% of professionals are listening during virtual meetings

According to a poll held on Blind, just 1 in 5 professionals are actively listening and providing live feedback during virtual meetings

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With the world's largest unplanned home-working experiment in full throttle thanks to Covid, many of us will be familiar with days which seem to be one long call; with little time left to do anything else. 

In a poll held on Blind, an anonymous professional network with 3.6 verified users, a user ran a poll asking, "How engaged are you in most work meetings?"

Many won't be surprised by the results.

From the 4,666 responses, the poll revealed: 

  • Only 20% of professionals are actively listening and providing live feedback 
  • 27% are doing other stuff, and simply listening for their name
  • 27% of professionals say they are trying to pay attention, but often zone out 

At an organisational level, the poll uncovered some interesting findings too. 

Just 1 in 10 employees at Intel Corporation professionals claim they are actively listening, whilst eBay apparently has calls you don't want to miss. There, 33% claim to be actively listening. Indeed.com also scored well in terms of active participation. Around half of Wayfair respondents claim to be regularly zoning out. 

Blind is a site that allows users to post as an anonymous employee from any given organisation. Its mission is to breakdown professional barriers by encouraging transparency. We're all aware of the likes of Glassdoor, but as we continue to see large scale changes, it's worth keeping an eye on these anonymous sites too. 

You can read the research in full here


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12 months ago

What this doesn't mention is that in live meetings, a proportion of people are similarly zoned out, but because they have their laptops open it looks they're concentrating.... Speaking as one who has done just that. And, lots of meetings are poorly run, not very interesting and don't actually require many of the people in the room.