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Nov 19, 2020

Virtual coffee point interactions

Bumping into someone you know (or someone you don't) at the coffee point in the office can bring such value to an employee's day on a professional and personal level. I'm wondering if Microsoft is exploring ways to bring these sorts of moments to its digital tools, e.g. Teams/Yammer?Strikes me that the data about those I'm connected with, directly, indirectly, and not at all, is there to enable this? Maybe an 'available for spontaneous meeting' setting where Teams/Yammer can 'bump you into someone' who's also got this setting on a few times a day?
May 21, 2020

Yammer and Teams: spot the difference?

Glad to hear during the Microsoft session that we're not the only ones struggling to explain the difference between Yammer and Teams. It's great for comms teams to understand the use cases in theory, but it shouldn't fall to us (entirely) to convey this to end users. Are there any plans to differentiate the UX so people can see straight away that the two platforms have a different purpose?

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