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Apr 27, 2021

Corporate jargon

During a meeting with an old friend of simply this afternoon, the team and I were invited to read an article by James Weekley of RELX.  I thought it was very entertaining so if you've got a spare 5 minutes, definitely give it a read here:
Apr 26, 2021

Status meetings - Does your team use them, and do you think they're useful?

Last week I had some interesting conversations with a few of our simplycommunity members on the subject of hybrid ways of work. One question I found particularly pertinent was the place of status meetings in our working lives going forward. Does your team have regular meetings throughout the week so everyone can let each other know what they're up to? How often do you have these meetings and how do you conduct them? I've created a quick poll here that it would be fantastic if you could fill out, we would love to hear your thoughts. Personally I think there could be some truth behind the common accusation that people don't listen properly unless it's their turn to inform their team or unless they've had their name called. Playing devil's advocate, could these meetings be conducted in a different way to free up people's already very busy diaries? It would be great to hear if any of our members have any interesting solutions when it comes to status meetings. Please feel free to leave any comments below. 
Apr 22, 2021

Members Meet-up 30th April 1pm UK time

We are holding our next informal meet-up on Friday 30th April at lunchtime.For an hour we will be hearing from practitioners like Kimberley Henderson from Mars Inc about what they have discovered from employee research during the lockdown and what tangible help they are implementing to improve communication as staff return to the workplace.These are informal meet-ups for just an hour, without a fixed agenda and no powerpoint: just seasoned IC professionals sharing tips and ideas that are working for them. If you would like to join  then just accept the invite from Myles.  Or ping him and he will ensure you are on the invite list. I hope you can join me next Friday 30th at 1pm London time.
Mar 22, 2021

Members meet-up 26th March at 1pm

Looking forward to catching up with you on Friday.  Plenty to talk about: lots of large organisations starting to pick a route about return to work.  Will they do the 2/3 shuffle or demand Goldman Sachs vampire squid allegiance to 80 hours in the office? Also some mergers among the big vendors: Poppulo have been swallowed up by Four Winds Interactive (no I hadn't heard of them either) and Staffbase merging with Bananatag. And Top Banana (since we are on a fruit them) eaten up by the TBA Group. We will also talk about the themes and stories we will be telling at simplyIC - and of course listening to what is important to you as we all bid good riddance to 2021/Q1! 26th March 1pm on Teams - should be in your diary already but shout if you want your name down on the list.
Mar 02, 2021

Cyber sec event - email gremlins

Morning,  I've had something go awry in my outlook calendar for the upcoming event this Thursday. Apologies for the emails cancelling and reinviting you, would rather clear out the rogue link from your diaries.  The link is also here:  Hope to see you Thursday. 
Mar 01, 2021

1:1 conversations are now working!

In case you hadn't noticed, we now have 1:1 conversations available on the platform. Navigate to the create option at the top of the toolbar, and you'll see an option for conversations.  Group conversations are coming soon. The plan is that this will be a better way of sharing immediate content/ seeking support. I'll keep you updated on expected timings for this, but hopefully, it'll be by the end of April.  Please do check out the function and let me know how you're finding it? All feedback is welcome. 
Feb 08, 2021

Microsoft 365 showcase training

Hi everyone.  In light of the Microsoft Viva announcement last week, the M365 showcase training sessions we had planned in March, we are going to move to June. Reason being is that it makes sense to do these in the context of Viva - and more information is still coming out.  If you would like some more immediate support/ training on M365, please let Myles or I know and we'll host a dedicated session for you.  Lisa 
Feb 02, 2021

simplycommunity member map

We're looking at building an interactive map to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the simplycommunity.  Information I think would be helpful to include is:  - HQ location - member location - Org size - Desk v non-desk employees - Primary IC channels - Role  Is there anything else you'd like to see or easily identify? 
Dec 01, 2020

PRCA review of the year event with Marc Wright - join the conversation 17.12.20

No one in communications and engagement is going to forget 2020 in a hurry; Covid, Black Lives Matter, the US president who wouldn’t give up, and endless video calls when people forgot to unmute themselves!simplycommunity members have been invited to join the PRCA #ChatAndConnect crew to review the year on Thursday 17 December at 1700 GMT. We’ll be looking at some of the big innovations in communications in the last 12 months, reflecting on life running in-house comms and asking whether 2020 was finally when Diversity and Inclusion landed properly on the corporate agenda.#ChatAndConnect is quite simple – Question and Retain’s Annabel Dunstan and Donhead Consultants’ Liam FitzPatrick chat to three guests on Zoom in a chat show format. But unlike the TV,  the audience gets to chip in, tell stories, crack jokes or even shed a tear or two. You don’t have to be a PRCA member to join – you don’t even have to be in the UK! And there is no charge; all you need to bring is your own snacks and a willingness to chat.Our guests in December will be:• Jenny Clark, Director of Internal Communications at omni-channel retailer QVC where she looks after an international audience that includes onscreen talent, production teams and logistics colleagues in Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland and the UK. Her past communications experience includes diamond miner De Beers Group and professional services firm PwC. As a communications leader she believes strongly in developing the skills of the people around her and in the importance of clear narrative.•  Marc Wright runs Simply Communicate, the digital home for communicators. As well as providing resources and inspiration to internal communicators, Simply organise some of the best attended conferences in the sector and closely track innovations and developments in practice and technology.•   Kamiqua Pearce, founder and CEO of Coldr, strategic communications and inclusive business consultancy, is a senior PR consultant and inclusion change-maker. Her experience includes working with brands big and small including Coca-Cola, Belvita Breakfast, Aldi, Converse, Hertz, Nurofen and the National Citizen Service (NCS). Kam is passionate about helping companies to be inspired by difference and is obsessed with the role of language and communications in creating more inclusive places to work. She is a Director of the PRCA and a founding member of its Race and Ethnicity Equity Board and set up the UK Black Comms Network.Zoom links will be sent out to all attendees 24 hours prior to the event start time. If you sign up after this time, please contact for the link. 
Nov 17, 2020

Trends or reports about the challenges of engaging members/participants in virtual event platforms?

Hi Lisa and fellow membersHas anyone seen any research reports about the challenges of engaging people to network/ask questions within virtual community or event platforms? It's really apparent from the virtual events I've attended and those we're hosting at work, that participants engage with content/sessions/watching videos but don't engage in networking lounges/chat rooms. It seems we all want to learn but are hiding behind our laptops when it comes to the conversation side. Are others experiencing this? I'm curious if anyone's done any research, or if there are any trends to share about this. All with a view to improving engagement for our future events...thanks, Lou
Oct 09, 2020

Team changes at simply

Hi everyone, I hope you've had a good week. I'm sorry to announce that the lovely Stew Donovan is going to be leaving simply at the end of this month. We have LOVED working with Stew and we're gutted he's going, but he's been offered a pretty exciting role elsewhere which he wants to pursue. Whilst there will be no farewell drinks or party, please join us in saying a massive thank you to Stew for all the support and work he's put into simply whilst he's been with us. Lisa 

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