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Members meet-up 26th March at 1pm

Started 26 days ago

Looking forward to catching up with you on Friday.  Plenty to talk about: lots of large organisations starting to pick a route about return to work.  Will they do the 2/3 shuffle or demand Goldman Sachs vampire squid allegiance to 80 hours in the office?

Also some mergers among the big vendors: Poppulo have been swallowed up by Four Winds Interactive (no I hadn't heard of them either) and Staffbase merging with Bananatag. And Top Banana (since we are on a fruit them) eaten up by the TBA Group.

We will also talk about the themes and stories we will be telling at simplyIC - and of course listening to what is important to you as we all bid good riddance to 2021/Q1!

26th March 1pm on Teams - should be in your diary already but shout if you want your name down on the list.

Hi Marc.  Sounds like a fantastic agenda and I'd love to join the conversation if you have space.  Larraine

Look forward to getting your thoughts on the Poppulo deal.

Look forward to it