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Oct 27, 2021

I want to do a profile on YOU!

Hello simplycommunity  As part of my editorial commitment to promoting and championing our community, I will be starting to do a Q&A style piece on the people that make this community what it is - you!  I want to know what got you into internal comms, what your biggest challenges are and how you're overcoming them, your predictions for the future and to know what you are doing to innovate in your business and increase engagement.  If you would like to suggest a suitable colleague in internal comms, or yourself, please get in touch with me in the comments or email  Let's get this conversation started. 
Oct 25, 2021

Has sustainability been the key topic for your employees recently?

With COP26 on the horizon, and businesses required to play a huge part in the fight against climate change, have you found that employees are becoming more engaged around sustainability in your organisation? If so, what have you done to encourage this, and how have you communicated your sustainability goals? I'd love to get some great case study content on this to highlight the efforts of our community.  In the meantime, please feel free to read our guide to an internal comms plan around sustainability in your business: 
Oct 22, 2021

Watch Behind the Firewall with Ernst Décsey

Did you miss our Behind the Firewall event with Ernst Décsey, UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships yesterday? We've recorded it and as a member you are able to view the discussion.  Learn about UNICEF PFP's use of microsites to optimise the UX, as well as how they are continuing to migrate from one intranet to another seamlessly:  All of this was done in a matter of weeks too, without too much resource. If you want the presentation, please let me know in the comments or email 
Oct 21, 2021

Beezy acquired by Appspace: will there be more mergers and acquisitions down the line?

Have you seen that Beezy has been acquired by Texas-based software platform Appspace? This seems to be coming a trend in the digital workspace industry, including the recent merger between SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal, becoming Firstup.  Read about it here:  Is this trend going to continue as we adopt to new ways of working? Is sharing capabilities, rather than competing, going to help create a stronger proposition?  I'd love to know your thoughts. 
Oct 20, 2021

Job listing - Global IC Manager at We Are Social

We Are Social is currently on the hunt for a Global IC Manager and would love for any members of the community looking for a new role to apply!  Please check out the JD and benefits on this link -
Oct 15, 2021

Transgender Awareness Week Nov 13-19 - your insights required

Hello simplycommunity It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm Patrick, the new head of content at simplycommunicate.  I will be creating a piece of content around Transgender Awareness Week on November 13-19. What I could do with are some really inspiring examples of what you might be planning to do in your organisation this year, or what you have done in the past, and how as an IC professional you have facilitated this. I'd also like your insights into this. It could be around raising awareness, allyship, or anything that promotes and champions diversity in the workplace. I'd also be interested to know how you incorporate transgender topics and the community in your D&I strategy at your organisation. Please reach out on this thread, or drop me an email: - I'd love to hear from you.
Oct 06, 2021

GDPR and employee photo consent

Good afternoon simplycommunity! I've recently had a query from a member and wanted to throw it out to the rest of the community to see if anyone else has any thoughts or insights around the issue! I know it's definitely a challenge that lots of people are/have been facing and it would be great to share any learnings. The question is around photo consent and GDPR: 'In order to be compliant with GDPR, our current way of managing colleague consent for photo/video is very admin heavy and frustrating for both us in Comms but also for our colleagues. We therefore wondered whether you could put us in touch with any other companies who feel they manage this well and would be happy to share their process/advice with us?' It would be hugely appreciated if you did want to share any ideas you have, so thank you very much in advance for your help!
Sep 08, 2021

First-time speaker for The Big Reconnect

Hello, hope everyone is well. We're holding an event on September 29 in London - 'in person' - called The Big Reconnect, and we want comms professionals to come together, to reconnect, share war stories and insights, and have some fun. While we've got together a few great speakers, we wanted to open up an opportunity to someone who hasn't before spoken at a conference or event (online or in-person). We'd be happy to help with some coaching too! Feel free to DM me directly or email Love to hear from people who want to take the plunge.
Aug 19, 2021

Community feedback form

Good afternoon everyone! We're currently looking to refine and expand the offering that our community members receive as part of their membership. We'd really appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey (it should only take 3 minutes to complete) so we can understand what it is that you value most and what else you'd like us to include in the membership offering. All responses are anonymous and we'll be looking into the results in detail to take the community from strength to strength.  Thank you in advance. Myles
Aug 11, 2021

M365 adoption stories

After a discussion with one of our members a couple of weeks ago who is currently rolling out M365. I'd love to reach out to the wider community and see if anyone would be keen to share their comms and adoption experiences of M365 within their own organisation. Specifically getting an understanding of 'what good adoption looks like?' for an organisation that previously was low on the digital transformation maturity curve. If you'd be happy to share your experiences, please leave a comment below and I'll do an introduction via email with the team at Hastings Direct! Best wishes,Myles
Jul 27, 2021

Are you experiencing pushback from employees on your hybrid working policy?

I read an interesting article yesterday ( that highlighted the challenges that employers who don't endorse flexible working are facing.  It seems that the employee is gaining the upper hand in the contract they have with employers as a result of the last 18 months. Personally I only see this as a good thing.  It would be great to hear whether any members are seeing a pushback from employees within their organisations on new hybrid working policies?  Are they being well received or do you think there could potentially be an increase in individuals leaving their current roles to pursue jobs that provide more balance and meaning? Next month we'll be writing up some great content around how best to communicate the change to flexible working. From some conversations I've had, it seems there's a fine line between doing it well and being too overbearing (it is mean't to be flexible, after all).  
Jun 28, 2021

This Friday's community meet-up on ESG

We're really looking forward to welcoming those members who can make it this Friday for our monthly get together. From 1-2pm BST we'll be discussing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and it's ramifications for us as communicators.  With shareholders and investors increasingly focused on ESG as an indicator of business sustainability. It's important that the measurable efforts of businesses to meet ESG criteria are at the core of any organisation's strategy.  As communicators it is our job to ensure significant buy-in on these efforts from employees, managers and leadership. Hopefully we can see as many of you as possible, even if it's only for 20 minutes.
May 26, 2021

Looking for a videographer in Prague

A Vancouver based company developing a waste recycling project in the Czech Republic, about 90 km east of Prague. needs someone – a local freelancer or small video production company -- who can go in and take video footage of site activities, and do interviews with our team members there. Anyone have a contact in Prague?
May 14, 2021

Communications/Storytelling training for IT

Hello SimplyCommunity, Our IT Leadership Team would like some communications/storytelling training to help them build both capability and confidence first for themselves and then their teams.  I'm planning for an external training resource on the basics, e.g. audience centric thinking, making them complex accessible, synthesizing, etc., complemented by my training them on "Communicating the DM way". Most are based in the UK. Do you have any partners or organisations that you'd recommend to conduct those trainings? Thanks, Cathrin
Apr 14, 2021

Tips on writing your IC strategy

One of our new members Rachel from Amey is asking us what are simply's top tips for writing an internal communications strategy. I immediately reached for all the links to our advice on this subject like Lisa's article on writing your business case , which is well worth a read.  But I also thought that perhaps the IC Strategy story is probably due a rethink thanks to the pandemic. Here are a couple of stories that might explain why: In one of our Tech Titan interviews the leader of a large vendor was describing a call he had with the CFO of a new large account they had just won.  The CFO asked him whether he had enough money: "the size of the budget is not important; getting it right is". The amount of money that company was prepared to pay for their new comms platform did not have a ceiling.  That's the first time I have heard that said about comms. Another interviewee, this time a practitioner was describing the meetings she was having with the CEO, COO and HRD of a global food manufacturer, at the outbreak of the pandemic. Getting workers into the factories was essential to guarantee that their products would be in the supermarkets the next week.  The question they feared from factory staff was: "Why should I come into work?" No one knew the health risks, management themselves were working from home, and the products in question were not essential foodstuffs.   Only comms could convince them that supplying the nation with what effectively were treats - was indeed essential. All 5,000 staff turned up for work - reassured that they would be kept safe ding a crucial job. The pandemic has given a whole new reason for being in internal communications.  We are no longer working towards some nebulous engagement outcome; we are at the centre of keeping businesses alive.   That's our new strategy. 
Feb 22, 2021

Job description for a modern intranet manager

One of our members is creating a job description for their intranet manager and it got us thinking about how the role is changing as technology advances.   The role used to be called the "PutterUpper" - the person who would do all the posting on the intranet because no one else knew how to navigate the tortuous content management system. But as Sharepoint became more user-friendly the intranet manager could move up the value chain and take on more interesting roles. With the arrival of Microsoft Viva then the role could become even more enhanced - taking on not just communications but also knowledge management, personal development and well-being in association with subject specialists in HR. So let me know what your description of the job is and we will produce a JD for a new era.  Just give us your thoughts or examples and we will synthesise a description fit for the new generation of personalised, user-centric intranets.

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