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Communications/Storytelling training for IT

Started about 1 month ago

Hello SimplyCommunity,

Our IT Leadership Team would like some communications/storytelling training to help them build both capability and confidence first for themselves and then their teams. 

I'm planning for an external training resource on the basics, e.g. audience centric thinking, making them complex accessible, synthesizing, etc., complemented by my training them on "Communicating the DM way".

Most are based in the UK.

Do you have any partners or organisations that you'd recommend to conduct those trainings?



Hi Cathrin.

Not experienced myself as was a few yeas ago, but my team highly recommend Deborah Goodall from Fruitful Conversations. She did some fab storytelling sessions sharing skills and techniques. Hope you find someone and the sessions go well. 


Cathrin, just a few questions to point you in the right direction.  Virtual or Live?  How long a session are you looking for?  How exactly will you be using storytelling in the future? 


Thanks @Claire

Hey Geri, 

For now, probably virtual, but once the opportunity arises, live is also an option. This could be one session of 1.5 h or a number of sessions to really dig deep into the confidence and capability-building.

These sessions are about teaching an IT man/woman to fish, it's about telling a powerful, user-friendly story to the executive team, sharing a vision that takes their stakeholders on a journey without going too deep into the detail. They'll be using the skill to manage up, across and down, and shift their culture and behaviour to putting the "customer" (our non-IT employees) at the centre of their attention.

Hope that's useful.

Hi Cathrin,

I'd recommend speaking to Colette McBeth. You can find more about her here: or via Insta @colettemcbethstorytelling or connect here:

She's developed a storytelling programme and all the accompanying materials which is totally interactive (so not just a sit and learn scenario). 

Happy to intro via email - or do contact her directly.

Best of luck!


Hey Cathrin - worth getting in touch with Kristin Graham (ex Amazon) and Dhruti Shah (BBC). Will also ping you another suggestion. 

Both Kristin and Dhruti will be presenting this week at simplyIC if you want to know more about their experiences

Thanks all!