Employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy

Are employee's rising?

Started 6 months ago

Am finding this presentation from Ros absolutely fascinating - especially after that last heated debate! 

We'd love to hear examples of employee advocacy in action from within your organisations. 

What are you up to? 

When is it activism and when is it employee revolt? If an employee's personal values/purpose is not aligned with their employer's, surely they make the decision to move on?


When is it activism and when is it revolt? Surely if an employee's personal values and purpose are at odds with the company's, they make the decision to move on?

I guess it is a bit of a Venn  diagram. As long as you are broadly aligned it is OK. But when your CEO becomes Trump’s best mate.

I think that's a really salient point Alison, and that's why purpose is so important and should be talked about when hiring - obviously the ideal is that you're looking for alignment between company and employee values. I think some activism arises when companies don't stick to their side of the deal though.   

I think activism can also arise when companies aren't necessarily doing anything wrong but maybe not doing enough or not doing as much as employees think they should.