Employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy


Started 6 months ago

What is the journey to advocacy? Awareness to Understanding to capability to Advocacy

I wonder if everyone wants to be on that journey? Does anyone not want employee advocates and if not, why not? I'd love to hear that angle!

Hi Jenni! Good point.  And my view at Coke was that all of our employees should be at the left end and at the very least know which issues the company thinks are important, but only a smaller subset need to be at the advocacy end - ideally those in the customer-facing roles or 'super-influencers' internally.  And those are the people you really focus your resource on.   

This all works fine if employers get it right at the outset - ie the recruitment and onboarding stage. If employees have values/purpose that are not aligned with the organisation, it's likely to be an unhappy marriage and it will create anarchy and activism rather than advocacy. 

oh this is great - i'd love to see this visually too as i think it would help people see where they are and what it looks like. 

@Alison Boothby, I agree and I don't think you can ever move those employees along the journey to advocacy no matter how hard you try because you're not aligned with their values from the start. 


@Duncan Barrett, I'd argue that you can do both.  Organic is very important, but if you have people who are highly influential, who share the vision and values of the organisation and believe in what it's doing it would make sense to harness that power.  So long as its authentic.