Employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy


Started 6 months ago

Sean, a Digital Manager at Coke decided to create an activist network to drive a positive social impact

Julia Bond of Adidas protested every day outside the HQ about how the company failed to address the concerns and grievances of minority group employees until Adidas said sorry

Marc Beniof - leading from the top. Created an office of humane and ethical uses of technology after they sold software to border forces

When is it activism and when is it revolt? Surely if an employee's personal values and purpose are at odds with the company's, they make the decision to move on?

It has to start at the top - it has to be intrinsic, the ability to give people to a voice and speak up. 

Activist or advocate? Or TROUBLE MAKER???  Leaders need to be very strong to handle activism correctly. HR teams need to be enlightened too!