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Want a chance to shout about how great your SharePoint intranet is?

Started about 2 months ago

If so I can't wait to listen!

If you have launched a new SharePoint modern intranet site over the past year and would be happy to have a chat to me about it then I'd love to hear from you.  

Here at Northumbrian Water, we are in the early discovery phase of our new SharePoint intranet so I would be keen to hear in particular about how you decided how to structure your site, who is responsible for content creation and management and any out of the box features that you would recommend. 

I've seen lots of great examples from suppliers, but now keen to hear about the reality of how that looks and work from an internal communications perspective inside different organisations. 

If you are happy to touch base then please drop me a message below or email me directly at

Thanks in advance everyone! 

Hi Claire, 

You're starting in the perfect place -- discovery time is never wasted! A few thoughts for you:

1. Make sure that your discovery sources and your direction is deeply employee-centric -- it's important to cater for the 1000s not the 10 at the top of the organisation. 

2. Find methods to allow contributions from across the organisation, including front-line non-digitally connected staff.

3. Take time to understand not just what they *say* but also what they do in reality. Go watch them use your intranet. They'll often tell you one thing and actually do another

4. Stats are friendly

5. Avoid speaking to vendors until you're sure what you need ie. the discovery is near close. Their job is to persuade you that their functionality is what you need ;)

Happy to jump on a members call with you and talk you through some of this in more detail and of course, our consulting team can help you either by running a discovery programme for you or light-touch guiding you through. 


[strike while the iron is hot -- you're welcome to book in here ]

Hi Claire,

We recently introduced one and built it in a day!

I'd been told several times that it takes months of work and would cost around £100,000 of project management time - to move to a system we have free in Office 365 (hmmm...!).

Let me know if you'd like to know more.


I wonder if more organisations will be attracted to the DIY route once we know what Microsoft Viva Connections can do...