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Choose from Brand Journalism to Well-being: 15 roundtables on the issues that matter to you 

Started about 1 month ago

We have 15 roundtables for you to choose from next week and two opportunities to take part at 3:30 on both Wednesday and Thursday. It's your chance to talk in a more intimate virtual group about the issues that excite you the most. Here are just two:

Well-being with Cate Murden

The Human Element report  from PUSH Founder Cate Murden shows that 40% of employees do not want to return to the office to work full time as they found working from a home environment was better for their mental wellbeing, and they fear working from the office could mean working there 100% of the time now the pandemic is finally at its end.

“The numbers that came back from this survey were shocking, but not surprising. If nothing else, it shows that we are still a long way from placing people at the heart of the organisation and not just bottom lines. Why, if we know we are doing better from home, are we feeling pressured to go back into the office?

Want to find out more about the report? Click here.


Brand Journalism with Jim Ylisela

Telling better stories is certainly what we’re all trying to do, and for all the right and obvious reasons: to better inform and engage our audiences, to attract media attention and to enhance the reputation of our organizations. But better storytelling is really the end result; it is the product of effective brand journalism. The real work is how we organize ourselves to get there, which is why I like to start brand journalism on the internal comms side of the house. If we can make this work inside, it will improve everything we do outside.

Read more about Jim's take on this subject here.

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