60-second TechUpdate: Yammer Analytics

Microsoft has announced its latest release of new features on the community platform Yammer. simply's Jonathan Phillips explains more in this 60-sec tech update.

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Microsoft have announced their latest release of new features on community platform, Yammer.

The update, now live after a time in preview, includes community and Q&A insights, meaning that better analytics are available.

Community managers everywhere can now track community reach, engagement and message volume. This will enable them to understand what’s working and when to tweak their messaging.

Interaction from both members and non-members can be measured, as well as unique metrics like what was voted the ‘best answer.’

The new analytics are placed under an ‘About’ tab within the community pages, showing how many people in total are using the site, categorised into members and non-members.

Tracking engagement has more detail too, including the number of total messages posted, as well as how many of them have been read and importantly, how many have been reacted to.

Ultimately, this update allows organisations to get to know their people better and that can only be a good thing.




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7 months ago

Hoorah!  Better analytics are only ever a good thing!