How the Oystercatchers Club became a thriving online community with Zapnito

Zapnito & Oystercatchers: Interview from Suki Thompson, CEO and Founder of Oystercatchers

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5 ways the Oystercatchers club became a thriving online community using the Zapnito platform.

  1. Align with your brand values - have a strategy and purpose for your community and don't lose sight of it. For Oystercatchers this is "accelerating marketing performance for all our clients."
  2. Leverage your event audience and give them  a space to connect and engage with the brand all year round.  "We wanted the community to live before, during and beyond the club.”
  3. Don't overcomplicate it - it needs to be straightforward for the community to contribute, engage and collaborate. "The great thing about Zapnito is, it is really simple and again for us, that was really important.”
  4.  Showcase the content that you're already creating and give your community an insight into your brand: “We’re using and creating content ourselves to build our presence and make the platform a really exciting place to be.”
  5.  Keep innovating and looking for new ways to add value, engage with your members and grow your community.

First published on the Zapnito community (August 2019).

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